Policies and Procedures

Haber Xcavations Pty Ltd is committed to providing a safe work environment for its employees, contractors, visitors and the general public where ever Haber Xcavation’s work may impact on them. This can be demonstrated by the continual development of Haber Xcavations safety management system and Haber Xcavations assurance to comply with all applicable health and safety laws and regulations.

Haber Xcavations employees, contractors and visitors have a duty of care to ensure to take all reasonable care to ensure their own safety and that of others which may be impacted by their actions.

To achieve these aims Haber Xcavations will:

  • Consult with employees and contractors on matters concerning health and safety.
  • Ensure safe, serviced plant and equipment for all controlled work.
  • Work with partners, suppliers, competitors and regulators to aim for best practice.
  • Provide employees with the appropriate equipment, facilities and PPE to undertake their duties in a professional and safe manner.
  • Provide the appropriate health and safety training to all relevant persons.
  • Ensure the safe handling and use of substances.
  • Establish targets to measure the progress of improving work related injury
  • Respond to and investigate all incidents and ensure injured employees are returned to suitable work at the earliest possible opportunity through equitable claims management and rehabilitation practices.

Haber Xcavations employees and contractors: 

  • Are required to adopt safe work practices and comply with all health and safety policies and procedures and report any hazards or unsafe work practices.
  • Have the responsibility to stop work if there is any question regarding safety or operational risk.

This policy will be reviewed every 2 years with next review date November 2018

Health and Safety Policy

Haber Xcavations is committed to implementing and maintaining a quality management system for all of our civil construction projects so that we can improve efficiency and productivity whilst ensuring that all our services meet and exceed the requirement of our customers.

Haber Xcavations specialises in the civil construction, plant hire and quarry material industries delivering projects of varying complexity and services to a wide range of clients both big and small of the utmost quality and is committed to maximising customer satisfaction by providing quality services in a time and cost-effective manner.

To implement this policy and maintain our commitment to quality Haber Xcavations will:

  • Work proactively with our clients to fulfil their expectations with the aim of enhancing customer and product satisfaction.
  • Provide adequate resources to establish, implement and maintain the quality management system.
  • Set measurable objectives and targets to continually improve the quality of service we offer.
  • Promote an organisational culture that is committed to quality by effective communication of our management system, associated procedures and this policy.
  • Developing and implementing plans and procedures for the effective operation and management of our processes.
  • Continuously develop and improve the effectiveness of our Quality Management System.

Through management commitment, we will strive to produce exceptional quality services by focusing on employee commitment, regular monitoring, assessment and review of all aspects of our system and a culture if continuous improvement throughout the company.

This policy will be reviewed every 2 years with next review date November 2018.

Quality Policy

The environment and the communities that we work in are very important to Haber Xcavations and we have adopted stringent environmental impact procedures and work tirelessly to ensure the best outcomes for all stakeholders. We have gained vast experience on the importance of environmental management from completing environmental and rejuvenation projects.

Environmental Management

The safety of our staff, the communities and environments in which we work have been our priority for the last 30 years. With over 50 full-time staff we are committed to ensure that they are appropriately licensed and skilled to operate our machinery by offering training on an ongoing basis throughout their employment.

Zero Harm & Staff Training and Development

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Haber Xcavations
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